Mar 252014

Even with all of the recent search engine changes ranking is still all about links and finding beneficial links is harder than ever. Most of the sources of links we have all relied on in the past are now “no follow” which means they do not help your search engine positions.

On top of that, misinformation abounds which scares agents and webmasters away from some sources of links that are among the most beneficial. One of these sources is directories. It is true that the vast majority of directories are worthless for helping your SEO and in some cases can be hurtful. That doesn’t mean all directories are bad though.

Google has recently said that niche directories are one of the best places to have your site listed in.

How can you tell which niche directories are of value? It can take a lot of knowledge and time to properly assess all of the factors and since most just can’t do this we have done it for you!

Since this blog is about helping Realtors with their online promotion that is the type of directory this article is concentrating on.

One of the best places you can be listed in is the Epowered Professionals Real Estate Agent Directory. Because this directory is manually curated it can still offer you a “DO follow” link which will be beneficial in helping with your search engine promotion. The actual pages your listing /link resides on has actual Google Page Rank (currently PR 2 ) which means that these pages are recognized as being a valuable resource by search engines.

The site itself ranks well for many real estate related keywords and  being listed  can send targeted visitors to your website which in itself can generate real business for you. In addition, being listed can provide significant  benefit in providing a valuable link back to your website which can help increase your website’s position in search engine results resulting in even more business for you!

You can be added to the directory by following the instructions here.