Sep 112013

Some of you may be aware that Google treats real estate and especially individual Realtor websites differently now than it did a year ago.

With that in mind we have transitioned into a Directory Of Real Estate Searches to help Realtors increase the search engine rankings of their IDX searches to help adjust to the Google changes.

As far as Google is concerned, real estate is all about “listings” now. Google has essentially made the decision that it  does not want individual Realtor websites to rank well for the popular “money” keywords like “city real estate”. For the vast majority of competitive markets the top listings are all Trulia, Zillow,, etc. and the benefit for Google in doing this is that most or all of the sites display Google ads.  Where it used to be possible with a bit of SEO to rank sites in the top 10 of Google for these high traffic keywords, the big listing aggregators and maybe a few big Broker sites that have listing searches on their pages are given preference. If an individual agent site appears it is more by accident than by design.

Aside from “real estate” now being all about “listings”, Google is still all about links.  Good indexable links from relevant sites back to yours using keywords that relate to the content you are trying to rank for is what is required. To help your website to be recognized by Google as a good source of real estate listings and thereby worthy of ranking well you ideally want to receive links from pages whose own keywords relate to “your city real estate listings”.  In addition, these links should be indexable (not “no followed” or written in script to count clicks). The page the links reside on should be actually included in Google’s index (many will not be).

The higher quality of links you acquire the fewer you will need. Google determines “quality” by assigning sites a Page Rank score. The best links to acquire will reside on sites that actually have Page Rank.

The pages of this new directory match all of the above criteria. Since the directory is new you have the opportunity to be at the top of the list for real estate search pages in your market area. You also have the option of being listed exclusively.

Google has recently said that niche directories such as this are one of the best places to have your site listed in. The fact that Google assigns actual Page Rank to the sites pages just underlines the fact that Google thinks you should want to be listed in this particular directory and there is real benefits to being included.

Here are a couple of market areas that already have agents listed:

South Orange County Real Estate Searches

Eugene Oregon Real Estate Searches

To be listed in the directory please see