Jan 202017

As many of you know I have been touting the virtues of a website for generating a portion of a Realtor’s sales since the 1990’s. I have always said that ideally that portion should be 20 to 30% but over the years many have been determined to make their website their primary source of leads. Good search engine placement went a long way in making this possible up until a couple of years ago.

You may want to refresh your memory on the changes in the Realtor marketing landscape and recommendations on how to improve your search positions by building your brand.

That brings us to the current debate which began with the article Honest Question: Role of the Website in Real Estate Practice. Note that in the comments below the article those who are saying their website is their primary source of leads due to their search positions are Brokerages and not individual Realtors. This is exactly what I identified a couple of years ago in the articles linked to above.

“For Realtors’ websites it is pretty hard/impossible to compete with the big brands if you are in a mid-sized to larger market area. If you are a Broker in a small market area and your personal site and company site are one and the same then Google often recognizes you as a Brand and you can place well.

I have seen agents in some mid-sized market areas place well by making it look like their website is the actual company/office site (when the office itself is of sufficient size and does not have its own effective presence). Locals who search for the office in Google end up at the agent’s site and this just reinforces the agent is the company brand in the eyes of Google.”

Individual Realtors need to realize that spending big money on a custom website will not necessarily increase their chances of competing with the Listing aggregators and Brokerages large and small.