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Back in 1994 when the World Wide Web was still young and I was a Realtor, I saw the potential in promoting my services on the internet . Since there was no such thing as a “webmaster” back then I built my own web site. I realized that if I were to have success I would need to be well positioned in search engines so I studied what other sites were doing at that time to place well and built my site accordingly. Within a week I had my first lead from the web site and I was hooked!

In 1997 Realtors in other areas were reading about the success I was having and asked if I could duplicate the success for them – and I have been doing it ever since.

In 2001, after a dozen years as a Realtor, I left real estate so I could concentrate all of my attention on the ever-changing web business to ensure that my Realtor clients continued enjoying success on the internet. What I do is provide agents with a web site system that has been personalized just for them with flexible formats that have proven successful in placing well in major search engines because of the included search engine optimization (which is how prospects find Realtors on the internet) and have proven successful in generating leads as well. The web sites are constantly being “tweaked” to accommodate changes with search engine algorithms and also to incorporate new ideas once they have proven successful.


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