Jan 212011

There have been some good discussions in the Real Estate Forums lately about things Realtors need to know to effectively promote themselves on the internet. I participated in some of them and thought I would aggregate the information from a couple of the posts to “put it all together”.

To effectively promote yourself on the internet requires a more comprehensive approach with more moving parts than it used to. There are some basics that still are important and require more attention and knowledge than in the past. The first necessity is a search engine friendly website and that website should be the focus of all of your other promotional efforts. A blog is also a necessity and so is using Twitter and Facebook. Other activities such as forum discussion participation, guest blogging, and blog commenting may be necessary if you really want to be effective in a competitive market area.

You may want to check out a couple of the forum threads for more detailed information…
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What is new is the increasing use of social media on the web has meant that Realtors really do need to participate more if they want to enjoy success and gain business from the internet. Google has confirmed that it now uses interactions in social media in their ranking algorithms and that the use of social media in search engine rankings will probably grow. Bing uses social media interactions too. The interactions and links in social media is becoming more important while the importance of acquiring links from conventional websites is becoming less important.

As well, if you don’t have a Fan Page in Facebook that targets your market keywords you are probably missing that whole segment who search Facebook when looking for services in their area.

This may seem overwhelming to some as most Realtors do not have the knowledge nor the time for the required learning much less the time for all of the activities. We can make that a whole lot easier!

The package of search engine friendly websites we provide that have some included SEO is managed for you – there is nothing for you to do other than input listings you may wish to Showcase. We will also help with setting up the blog, a Twitter account that is essentially automatic, and a Facebook Fan Page. Once it is all set up your required activities can be as little as just taking 10 minutes to write a blog post about the areas you work or listings you may have on a semi-regular basis.

You do need a comprehensive strategy and need to be more involved in order to enjoy success on the internet but you don’t need to do it all yourself.