Nov 152008

Ever since we started the site at it has ranked #1 in Google for “real estate blogs” and also for most of the state and province terms. We are now making WordPress blogs available that cover individual cities and market areas – just one blog per area –  and I would expect that these will inherit some of the site’s “authority” and will also rank very well for ” ‘my city’ real estate” in a fairly short period of time.

Since search engines love blogs and especially love – I would also expect these SEO friendly blogs will soon have your posts and articles ranking well in search engines and generate extra business for those who make full use of the blog.

How do you get one of these exclusive blogs? These exclusive one-blog-per-market-area blogs are being included with the package of Realtor Websites we provide. Our package of websites is also on a one-Realtor-per-market-area basis so the addition of blogs fit in the package nicely.

The blogs will not be set up automatically with each website package but on request for new and existing customers. This is because many agents have no interest in maintaing a blog and having a blog sitting there being ignored would be counterproductive.

Existing customers can simply email me if they are interested in having a blog set up for them – there is no charge. New customers will be made aware of the option to include a blog when they sign up for our program.

We are just in the process of setting up the very first blog for an existing customer. To get an idea of what the blogs are like you can check out Jerry Hart’s Denver Real Estate Blog

Since the blog is so new there are no posts yet and Jerry is still moving stuff around and setting it up the way he likes it but you will get the general idea. We make several templates available at the click of a button and there are hundreds more that can be downloaded so you are bound to find a design that you love.

If you are looking for a complete SEO friendly web promotion package including a primary website, 3 promotional websites, PLUS a search engine friendly blog – check out our system. We have been providing Realtors with a proven successful solution for over 10 years!