Feb 222005

Google is no longer the search engine it once was. It no longer returns the search results that led people (including myself) to proclaim that it was the best search engine on the planet.

Lately, I often do not find what I am searching for on Google so I check the new MSN Search and guess what? The information I am looking for is there – right in the top few results! This is becoming a habit for me and I suspect it will for a lot more people too as I hear rumblings from friends that “Google isn’t very good anymore”.

Give MSN Search a try – I think you may actually like it.

Feb 192005

Google’s Allegra Update is still going on – this is the longest update in recent memory. Aside from the disappearance of vast swathes of websites, this update also includes an algorithm change which is not index wide but seems to be placed on specific keywords just the way the Florida Update was in 2003.

Google’s results are still changing frequently and when it will all settle down is anyone’s guess. With the Florida Update they applied their algorithm change to sets of keywords and then added more to the list in the following days and weeks. I suspect that is what is happening with Allegra as well. Continue reading »

Feb 102005

As I am writing this Google is in the middle of scrambling their index once again – some have called it an “update” although I would not agree that anything at all has been actually updated. You need to see an improvement in search results in order to call it an update in my view.

The folks over at Webmaster World began giving Google updates a name a few years ago and called this one “Allegra”. This is the first “update” in about a year to receive that honor if my memory serves me correctly.

This change in Google is receiving nearly as much attention in various search engine forums as the Florida Update did in 2003 – and that says a lot! Alas, the attention is not good however. Some webmasters are lining up and threatening to quit the business much the same way as stockbrokers leaped out of windows in the Great Depression! Continue reading »