Dec 282004

Back in early November in this post I wrote that we were due for Google’s annual big shakeup. We seem to be experiencing it now.

Google began an update around December 15th and results are still jumping around. Many in SEO forums are not happy with the current state of affairs and report irrelevant results for their keyword searches as well as a loss of their own positions. Continue reading »

Dec 282004

Now when you visit this Blog you may also add yourself to the new Real Estate Directory! The directory has search-engine-friendly pages of course and accepts entries for websites of Realtors, web designers, mortgage pros, SEOs, lawyers, appraisers, home inspectors – anyone associated with or servicing the real estate industry is welcome.

Category and sub-category suggestions are welcome – if I left out your category please let me know.

A reciprocal link is required and if you place that link on your site beforehand the software will list your site immediately. The sooner you submit the higher up on the page you will be – so why not do it now? 😉

There is a link to the directory on pretty much every page of this Blog and it can be found in the “Resources” section at the bottom of the right hand column.

Dec 072004

Search engine forums have been buzzing with talk of the “Sandbox” for months now – “does it or does it not exist” and “can it be beaten” are the usual topics of discussion.

In case you don’t know, the “Sandbox” is a label that has become associated with Google’s practice of not ranking new sites – more precisely, not ranking new sites in new domains competing for competitive commercial search terms. Continue reading »