Nov 262004

Here is something to think about… as discussed in this article several months ago, Google’s Page Rank likely means little as of November 2003 – at least to all sites that compete for the competitive keywords that were affected by last November’s Florida update and the updates that followed which added even more keywords to the list.

A consensus has been pretty much reached in the SEO forums that sites affected are now being ranked by a variation of the Hilltop Algorithm and the rules for linking for maximum benefit are different. Continue reading »

Nov 172004

In the last while I have had a few clients who have lost their domains because they did not renew them. Apparently they never received the renewal notices – which is one of the consequences of email becoming less reliable as mentioned in this blog a few days ago.

Theoretically once a domain expires you should be able to re-register it but that doesn’t happen often. There is a large group of people out there who pay services to let them know which domains are expiring every day and domains like yours (even domains that are your personal name) are snapped up right away because of the link popularity of the domain.

The incoming links allow the domain to rank fairly well right away – no waiting – and the buyers usually put advertising on it or affiliate links. They can earn some easy money because of the effort that was put into exchanging links and listing in directories in the past.

Realtor domains are at the top of their list so remember to keep an eye on your domain expiry dates and don’t rely on receiving a renewal notice because you may never see it.

Nov 132004

I just finished checking reciprocal links in the Epowered Professionals Realtors Directory and had to remove a couple of dozen Realtors from the directory because they were no longer reciprocating links.

Every time I check it is the same old story – a number of agents put a link on their website, apply for inclusion in the directory and then once they are in they remove the link. I wonder if they are just as dishonest in their dealings with clients and other Realtors? Continue reading »