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Would you like to be included in our real estate agent directory? Since the mid '90's, this website has helped real estate agents achieve results with their internet marketing strategy. We are transitioning to a new directory model which lists local professionals by city.


The city pages are search-engine-friendly which means that aside from driving traffic directly to your website - being listed here will help raise your ranking in search engine results.


The increased traffic from search engines directly to your real estate search pages is easily as valuable if not more so than the traffic generated by people clicking on your link here!



Buyers and sellers contact you directly. There is no charge for leads and no referral fees. They are all yours!

Listings in the directory are $39.95 per listing billed annually. You can sign up for multiple listings in different cities.


The order of listings is on a first come first served basis. If you want to be the top listing for your city you need to be first so don't wait!




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The Results-net Awards

Real estate awards Expect Results! Since 1998 the Results-net Award on a Realtor's website has been the assurance of experience with providing services to clients through the web! This program has been discontinued but many sites still display this award.







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